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There are two types of Search History that can be activated by your library.

  1. The first type is accessed via the Search History menu option. It displays the history in a table that includes a count, the number of Hits for that term, the Type of Search that was done (e.g. Simple, Advanced), the Search Index and Term. If activated, there is also the facility to Bookmark the Search History for each entry, add an RSS Feed, or Add to Google. Clicking on an entry will......
  2. The other type of Search History is only available from the Advanced Search screen. After you have done a search either on the Simple Search screen or the Advanced Search screen, a small icon will be visible next to each Search Term field on the Advanced Search screen. Click on this icon and the Search History window will popup listing all terms you have used and the search index used with that term. Click on any term listed in the History window and it will then be placed into the search term field from which the Search History button was accessed and the Search Index will change to whatever has been stored with that selected term.

The Search History for both types can be cleared by selecting the Clear Search Sets menu option (which will also clear any other stored Search set, e.g. if the Refine Search option has been used to create another Search set). The history for the Search History accessed from the Advanced Search screen can be cleared by selecting the Clear Search Term History menu option. The history is also be cleared if the timeout feature is invoked.

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