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The Journal Search option provides a quick method of retrieving current journal or periodical records. Click on any of the A-Z letters to retrieve current journals with a Title starting with that letter. Alternatively, you can enter the title of the journal or periodical (or first part of the title) in the Journal Search Command field, then press Enter or click on the SEARCH button to start the search. This is a phrase/starting with search, not a keyword search. The search results are displayed on the normal Results screen and sorted according to the current Sort Preference. If there are no direct matches for your search term, if possible, the system will provide a suggestion as to what the search term should be.

The inclusion of current journals/periodicals in this Journal Search index is controlled by your library. If you cannot locate the journal you are looking for, try the Simple Search or Advanced Search options. The Journal Index is rebuilt the first time the search option is used each day, so there may be a slight delay with the first search for the day.

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