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The Browse Index function, which is accessible from the Simple Search or Advanced Search screens, provides a list of index entries that match the search term entered on those screens. For example, you could enter History as the search term and select Subjects as the Search Index. If you then clicked on the Browse Index button you would see a list of all Subject terms that start with the word History, along with the number of Hits for each of those terms. You could then click on one of the linked Index entries to proceed with the search.

The Browse Index list will automatically display with closest matching terms (where possible) when searches run from the Simple Search or Advanced Search screens do not find any hits.

The Browse Index list shows the indexed term in the Index Field column and depending on the Index selected it may display unnormalised (i.e. exactly as it appears in the record) or normalised (i.e. as it appears in the Index stripped of punctuation, in upper case etc). The Sort Format column (which can be switched on or off by your library) displays the normalised form of the term and is included to show the exact sequencing of the terms in the Index. The number of records for each entry listed is also shown.

The Browse Index option is suppressed on the Simple Search screen for numeric Indexes (such as Call Number, ISBN, ISSN, ISMN and UDN).

NOTE: The Browse Index function works on either FULL or PART words. For example, if you enter Au in the search term box and select Series as the Index, when you select Browse Index you will see all series entries starting with Au. You do not need the asterisk at the end of a part word when browsing the index as the index entries that are displayed are actually the phrase entries, regardless of whether Keyword Searching or Phrase Searching is selected on the search screen. However, when the Index List is displayed and you click on an Index Field entry, the display of records from that point will be dependant on whether Keyword Searching or Phrase Searching was selected on the Search screen before the Index entries were displayed.

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