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There are three (3) possible options that may be displayed for New Items that have recently been added to the catalogue:

  1. The NEW ITEMS LIST option displays a full list of all Titles that are currently on the New Items List. The entries in the New Items List are displayed on the same screen as a normal search and the sorting order is according to the selection made in the Preferences option.
  2. The NEW ITEMS SEARCH option displays a page where search filters can be set before displaying the New Items. Limit by options can be enabled for Service Point, Location (multiple selections can be made), Material Type and Collection. Selection options only appear in the Material Type and Collection dropdown boxes if there is new material for those Material Types and Collections. It is also possible to sort the New Items list by most recent additions first. This is done by switching ON the Sorted by Date checkbox. If this option is OFF, the new items will be listed in the sorting order setup via the Preferences option.
  3. The NEW ITEMS LIST BY GROUP displays a structured list of Groups setup by your library. The list is split into the Current Month, and two Previous Months. The first page displays each Group Heading and in the number of new Titles in that group. Click on one of the Group headings, and the display will then become a scrollable list. You can scroll up or down from the selected Group. The Author, Title and Publication Year is shown. Click on any Title to go to the Full Catalogue Display page. Long Titles in this list are truncated to 200 characters.

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