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The Advanced Search screen allows you to do more complex searches using multiple search terms and search indexes. It also allows you to limit the search by a number of criteria. This screen can also be used as a basic search screen using just one search term and one index and without any limiting criteria. The procedures for a basic search are the same as those for a Simple Search. If your search does not find any hits, the Browse Index screen will be displayed with (where possible) closest matching terms. If you wish, you can then click on one of these closest matching terms to view the Titles tied to those terms.

For the Advanced Search, if multiple words are entered as the search term the system will do a logical OR between each term entered. For example, if COMPUTER MICROSOFT is entered as the search term, records containing COMPUTER plus all records containing MICROSOFT will be returned.

Before activating the search, the number of Records to display per page can be selected (the default is set by your library)

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