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Expert Search

The Expert Search option allows for searching using SQL command structures. The following indexes are utilised:

-ti = Title Keyword Index
-kw = Anyword Index
-su = Subject Index
-se = Series Index
-au = Author Index
-ca = Corporate Author Index
-aa = Any Author Index (Combined Author and Corporate Author)
-nt = Notes Index
-ar = Article Index
-py = Publication Year

The search words must be enclosed in quotes - either single or double.

Example Search Commands:

-ti %Startswith "computer" AND -au %Startswith "gates" AND -kw = "network" OR -kw = "broadband". This will return all records with a Title starting with Computer and Author starting with Gates and contains keywords of network or broadband.

-au LIKE “D%v%%”. This will return Author starting with D followed by one character, followed by v, followed by 2 characters, e.g. David, Davis, Davig

Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT can be used, as well as bracketing. Other standard SQL Operators can also be used, for example:

COMPARISON Predicates:

= (equals)
<> (does not equal)
< (less than)
> (greater than)
<= (less than or equal)
>= (greater than or equal)

BETWEEN Predicate:

Between (equivalent to a paired greater than or equal to and less than or equal to)

LIKE Predicate:

This allows pattern matching using the following wildcard characters:

_ (underscore) = matches any single character

% = matches any sequence of 0 or more characters

Note: The LIKE comparison operator is case sensitive

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