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The Refine Search Results option allows you to refine your search by setting a number of limiting factors, such as Search Index (unique indexes such as ISBN, ISSN, Barcode etc are excluded from the available list), Branch, Year of Publication range, Publisher and Place of Publication, Author and one or more Material Types and/or Collection Types.

After the refine search criteria has been entered and selected, click on the REFINE button. The matching entries for the refined search will then be displayed on the Search Results screen.

A Search Set is created for each search in the current session including any refined search, and these display in the selection field in reverse order, so that the last search you did is displayed at the top of the dropdown box. The entries in the Search Set dropdown box can also be selected again and search criteria changed or added and the Refine button selected again. If you wish to clear the search sets currently saved, click on the Clear Search Sets option on the menubar. This will clear all stored search sets, including the Refine Search search sets, any Hierarchy or History search sets, and any other search sets that may be being stored for the session.

It is also possible to refine a search using the Facets feature as displayed on the Search Results page.

Note: The Material Types and Collection Types are grouped and named by your library into the 9 available fields. To cater for electronic resources and other material where a physical copy may not exist, records with no holdings will also be displayed in a search that is refined by Branch.

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