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Your library may have enabled the LIBERO Portal Searching facility that allows searching of either external LIBERO or non-LIBERO databases. After accessing the Portal Search option from the menu, the search screen allows you to select the Search Index, enter the search term, and select the databases in which you want the search to take place. A list of the external library databases that have been made available will be displayed from which you can make your selection. This database list will vary from library to library.

After activating the search, the number of hits in each of the selected library databases is then shown, and you can then view the search results/hits list for each library (there is a limit of 1001 records that will be returned for a Portal search result). If it is a LIBERO database, you will be able to view the full bibliographic details and Item Information on the full Catalogue Display page. For non-LIBERO databases, the presentation or the results and the information you are able to view depends on what system they are using, and what security arrangements they have in place for external access. To ensure optimum results, it is recommended that you only choose search indexes of Author, Title or Anyword for searching in non-LIBERO databases.

Note: Many of the options and functions that are available in your “home” library database are not available when searching via the Portal Search option.

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