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After activating a search on any of the search screens, the results/hits will be displayed on the Search Results screen. Following are the features of the Search Results display:

  • The search term used for the search will be highlighted in the Search Result List, and in the display of the bibliographic record (after selecting a term on the Hit List)
  • Total number of hits displayed at top of screen, as well as page numbers according to the number of records selected to display per page. Next and Back buttons are also included when relevant. The Page Numbers and selection buttons are displayed at the top and bottom of each page. Whenever there are more than 40 pages in the result list, a Go to page field will display allowing you to enter a specific Page Number to move directly to that page.
  • Display line for each entry can include a Result number, Image Thumbnail (either from Content Enrichment services, or from the libraries database), Title\Sub-title, Author, Year of Publication, graphical indicators (see below) and Holdings Information.
  • The Holdings Information for each Title can include the Shelf Location (from the bibliographic record), Collections, the Branches (or Branch Codes) at which items are available (or the message No items currently Available), the Number of Holdings on the record, as well as the number currently in the Reservation Queue (except for searches done via the Portal Search option).
  • If the Branches are hyperlinked, you can click on the link to view address, contact, opening hours and other information about that Branch. From the Branch details page, you may also be able to link to Google Maps for the location of the Branch.
  • There are a number of images that can be setup to display in the Flags column. As the images themselves can be changed by each Library they will not be shown or described here. Images can display for:
    • Linked Record: MAB Hierarchy record or Multi-volume Series linked record, or a Linked Bibliographic record or a combination of links. Click on the Hierarchy/Link image to display a list of all records in the hierarchy or link.
    • Material Type: Type of material/media, e.g. book, CD, music, video, etc.. Hovering over the image will display the type of material.
    • Orders Exist: Indicates if there are Orders existing on the title.
    • Images Exist: Indicates if there are Images attached to the record. If a local image is display, you can click on it to go direct to the Image Display screen. You may also be able to click on an image from a Content Enrichment providor to view more information about the record (this will be dependant on what site the image is being displayed from).
    • URL Link: Indicates if there is a URL link in the record.
  • You can set a preferred sorting order for searches via the Preferences option, or via the Simple or Advanced Search screens. The sorting mechanism for Titles is based on the first 50 characters, and for Authors the first 20 characters. The Sort Preference can also be changed for an existing search results set displayed on the Search Results page.
  • Records with items in stock can be setup to show in a different Font to records with no items available. A message of No items currently Available is also shown.
  • Authors are hyperlinked to allow you to run a search for that Author and view all Titles for that Author. Note: If the library has chosen to show an Authorities list when searching, after clicking on a hyperlinked Author term, the index list of Authors starting with that term will display as the click on the Author term is effectively the start of another search.
  • If your search in a large database is very broad, there is the possibility that the search will timeout before it has retrieved all matching records. The last record in the search results list may say something like: Search time limit reached, try a narrower search term. The time for searches to run is pre-set by your library.
  • If enabled, the Facets feature (displayed down the right-hand side of the Search Results page) can be used to quickly refine a search.
  • The search results may also be able to be shown as a Shelf Display. If this feature has been activated, a Display results in shelf format link will be available at the top of the page. Click on this link and the Titles will display as a "shelf" showing book covers (if available) or a book graphic with relevant information. Once you change to the Shelf format, the link changes to Display results in table format to allow switching back to the normal display. Previous Shelf and Next Shelf links are also displayed if applicable. Once you select the shelf format, it will stay that way for the current session, until changed back to the table format

Selection of records to view

  • A single record can be viewed by clicking on the Title
  • A selection of records can be viewed by clicking in the checkbox next to each Title (so that a is displayed), then click on the DISPLAY SELECTION button at the bottom of the page
  • All records returned by the search can be viewed (without making any individual selections) by clicking on the DISPLAY ALL button (provided this button has been activated by your library)
  • Records can also be selected for Adding to the Basket/Bibliography by clicking in the checkbox, or selecting the BASKET ALL button (provided this button has been activated by your library)
  • If activated by your library, after selecting records they can also be emailed via the EMAIL ALL and EMAIL SELECTIONS buttons. After clicking on either of these buttons, the Email Result Set page will display where you can enter the email address and select from the available formats. Multiple Formats can be included in the one email.

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