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If the Basket\Bibliography option has been enabled by your Library, buttons will be visible at the end of the Search Results page to ADD TO BASKET, REMOVE FROM BASKET and EMPTY BASKET. Titles can be added to the Basket either from the Search Results page or from the Catalogue Display.

  • Adding to Basket from Search Results: Click in the checkbox displayed next to each Title that you want to add to the Basket, then click on the ADD TO BASKET button at the end of the list OR click on the BASKET ALL button to add ALL records returned by the search (provided this button has been activated by your library).
  • Adding to Basket from Catalogue Display: At the bottom of the catalogue record section of the display click on the ADD TITLE TO BASKET button.
  • Once items have been added to the Basket, a View Basket option will appear on the main menubar, and with the other Basket buttons at the bottom of the Search Results page. Click on this option to display the items in the Basket. This display will be in the same format as the normal Search Results page. You can then view the full details of the records in the usual way. If you wish to place a Reservation on all Titles that you have added to the Basket, click on the Reserve All button (there is no need to re-select the Titles). If you only wish to place Reservations on some of the Titles that you have added to the Basked, tick the required Titles ON, then click on the Reserve Selections button.
  • To Remove Items from the Basket: Click in the checkbox next to the Titles that you want to remove, then click on the REMOVE FROM BASKET button at the bottom of the Search Results page..
  • To Empty the Basket completely: Click on the EMPTY BASKET button at the bottom of the Search Results page. Also see note below.

Note: The Basket option is "Database dependant" enabling you to maintain a separate Basket in each Database. However please note that the "Empty Basket" option clears ALL BASKETS IN ALL DATABASES for the session. All other Basket maintenance operations occur on the Basket for the selected Database.

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