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The Preferences option on the main menubar is used to set the preferred sorting order for the Search Results list and also (if activated) set the preferred Service Point/Library for searching.

Sorting Methods: Currently the available sorting methods are:

  • Title, Publication
  • Publication, Title
  • Publication, Author
  • Author, Publication
  • Descending Publication Year ** see note below
  • Shelf Location *** see note below
  • Author, Title

When the Preferences option is accessed, the current sort method is displayed. If you wish to change it make a selection from the dropdown box, then click on the Submit button. Once the preferred method is set, it will remain set until changed - it does not revert to the default on login. The Sorting Preference for individual searches can also be selected on the Simple Search and Advanced Search screens, though this does not change the default Sorting Preference. It can also be changed on the Search Results page for an existing search results set.

** When sorting by Descending Publication Year, the records with the SAME Publication Year are sorted by ascending RSN.

*** The sorting by Shelf Location works on the Call Number on the bibliographic record, not the item records. If no Call Number exists on the bibliographic record, these records are displayed first in the hits list.

Service Point/Library: Your library may have Service Points or Libraries setup for their database. These are usually a group of Branches. You may be able to set a preference for the Service Point/Library that is used as the default selection.

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